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Supply Home Special Series Wrought Iron Basket Black And Hanger Bracket, Kitchen, Cup, Hanger Size: Black

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  • Supply Home Special Series Metal Wrought Iron Basket and Hanger
  • 21x21 cm Wrought Iron Basket
  • A great product to gain practicality in your kitchens and bathrooms.
  • You can easily hang spice racks, cups or kitchen utensils in your kitchens. A multi-purpose wrought iron basket in which you can easily hang and hang bathroom tools and equipment in your bathrooms.
  • With its easy installation, you can hang it on your walls with the help of wall plugs. (2 Dowels and 2 screws are sent.)
  • It is important that the return of the products is wrapped in a patta, as it is sent, otherwise the return will be rejected.
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